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Hello! I’m Claire Osborne – a chandler from Chandler’s Ford who launched Hiltingbury Holistics in the summer of 2019. I live with my husband Simon, bouncy four year old Juliet and baby Leo. My professional career spanned Sales, Marketing and HR but it was becoming a mum on Christmas Eve 2018 that inspired me to start a business, focusing on relaxation more than ever before. 

Hiltingbury Holistics actually started as a home massage salon! I always had a keen interest in science, specifically the workings of the human body and health. In 2010 I graduated in Human Sciences from University College London. Keen to practically apply my anatomy and physiology knowledge and explore new ways to relax and help others relax, I trained for an ITEC in Indian Head Massage in 2012. I enjoyed providing this and other calming treatments to clients from our home treatment room.


It was our clients' love for different diffusing essential oils in our treatment room that then inspired us to develop a range of beautiful scented candles and candle making kits. The science of candle making excites us. We are always experimenting with different techniques and developing new products. 

Life can be busy and at times stressful, regardless of whether you are in a demanding job, are a new or overstretched parent or are retired from full time work. We look forward to helping you slow down and relax with a Hiltingbury Holistics candle, candle making kit or both!

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