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Luxury scented soy candle making kit

Looking for a truly stand-out gift? 


With this beautifully packaged luxury soy candle-making kit you (or a recipient) can make a scented single wick candle in our stunning bespoke glass container and three scented tea lights.  


The kit comes in a gorgeous sparkly hessian bag and contains: 245g natural soy wax, vegan-friendly fragrance, 30cl luxury glass container (in a choice of three colours), candle gift box, three reusable tea light holders, wicks, wick holder, thermometer and instructions to make your candles. Not only will you enjoy the making process but you can then relax and enjoy the beautiful aroma as your candles burn.


The kit is aimed at both beginner candle makers and more experienced makers alike. One of the biggest candle making challenges is selecting the right wick - to work well with your chosen container and fragrance combination. We sele